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key engineering and construction projects

in 2019 we launched 36 key engineering and construction projects (including project clusters) covering oilfield service, refining & chemical and pipeline, storage and transportation. 2 oil and gas field surface engineering projects, 21 refining and chemical units, 4 sets of oil and gas storage and transmission facilities and pipelines as well as 7 national emergency rescue bases were completed and put into use. 136 major production units in 6 subsidiaries were shut down for overhaul.

key oil and gas field surface engineering projects. the field surface engineering project in the north pingqiao and south pingqiao blocks for the phase ii capacity building of sinopec fuling shale gas field was completed and put into use. 94% of the overall schedule has been completed for the surface engineering of weirong shale gas capacity building project with the gas gathering station mechanically completed. the civil construction for the connecting project of the dibaliang tunnel in sinopec puguang gas field line 1#—4# was also completed as a phased goal.

key refining and chemical engineering projects. the revamping and recovery project in fujian tenglong aromatics company was completed on schedule, all facilities going into operation and stable production. the facilities in zhongan coal chemical project, the second aromatic unit of sinopec hainan petrochemical company, zrcc refining structural adjustment and quality upgrading project as well as the alkylation projects in sinopec jiujiang, qilu, yangzi, jingmen, luoyang were put into operation. the alkylation installations in sinopec anqing and wuhan were ready for operation. the sinopec zhongke integrated refining and chemical project was mechanically completed with production preparation well underway. half of the overall project schedule in sinopec fujian gulei integrated refining and chemical project was completed as 5 super large equipments were hoisted in position, installation work was in full swing, and 220 kv substation went into operation. sinopec-sabic (tianjin) polycarbonate project, sinopec maoming product mix optimization project, sinopec tianjin and luoyang refining product structural adjustment projects, sinopec-sk ethylene debottlenecking project, sinopec baling sebs project were proceeded as planned. sinopec hainan 1 million tpa ethylene project, jiujiang aromatics and sinopec ypc refining structural adjustment project were under construction preparation.

key pipeline storage and transportation engineering projects. erdos-anping-cangzhou gas transmission pipeline phase i, wen 23 gas storage and the gasification outbound transmission expansion of tianjin lng terminal were put into use as part of the integrated natural gas production-supply-distribution system, meeting the targets set by the national development and reform commission on schedule. yizheng crude oil commercial reserve base (three tank farms) , natural gas pipeline connecting shuijiang town in nanchuan district to baitao town in fuling district in chongqing, and jinmen-xiangyang oil products pipeline were put into service as planned. dongjiakou crude oil commercial reserve base, zhanjiang-beihai oil product pipeline, and the qianjiang- chenzhou section of qianjiang-shaoguan gas transmission pipeline were completed and ready to be put into use. luoyang crude oil commercial reserve base and gas pipeline for the zhongke integrated refining and chemical project were in the final construction stage. rizhao-puyang-luoyang crude oil pipeline project, qingdao-nanjing gas transmission pipeline, the 2nd phase of shandong lng terminal, the gasification outbound transmission expansion project of guangxi lng terminal were fastened.

supporting facilities for r&d. the construction of sinopec shahe r&d base was progressing steadily and that of shanghai pudong r&d office complex was ready to kick-off.