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remarkable achievements in research and development of independent geophysical instruments. the self-developed node acquisition system was jointly constructed in shanghe block with 508xt to realize the first industrial application of cabled and cableless mixed mining technology. the single point high-density seismic technology was industrialized in the eastern region, and the accuracy of geological data obtained in shengli luojia, subei yongan and other blocks increased by 50%. the low-density 3d seismic technology of atmospheric shale gas in wulong was helpful in reducing the acquisition cost by 54%.

mature deep well drilling technology. in the whole year, 130 ultra-deep wells were completed, with an average well depth of 6866.18 meter, an average mechanical penetration rate of 6.24 meters per hour and an average drilling cycle of 133.81 days. in the northwest work area, a series of technologies, such as drilling speed increase, ultra-deep orientation, ultra-deep and small clearance cementing, were developed. in southwest china, integrated technologies such as air foam drilling, pre-bending dynamic drilling assembly and single-channel cementing were developed. shunbei 11 well set a record of 5578 meters in depth with 365.1 mm diameter casings in china.

new progress in shale gas well drilling technology. 216 shale gas wells were drilled, with drilling footage of 1,229,500 meters, average well depth of 5050.70 meters, mechanical drilling rate of 6.86 meters per hour and drilling cycle of 84.92 days. we developed shale gas horizontal well profile optimization technology, ultra-long horizontal section drilling speed-up technology, deep shale gas horizontal well cementing technology, fuling work area radical parameter drilling, fuling work area "four times drilling" and other technologies. by optimizing and popularizing the construction scheme of "four times drilling", the drilling speed increased, and the success rate reached 72.3%.

new breakthroughs in drilling fluid technology.breakthroughs in zyqd enhanced plugging technology of oil-based drilling fluid provided effective solutions to the technical problems of bridge plug plugging, easy leakage recovery, incompatibility of cement slurry and oil-based drilling fluid, difficult solidification of mixed slurry etc., with a success rate of 90%. micro-bubble drilling fluid system was a low-density drilling fluid system developed for low-pressure and easy to leak formations. it has low density and can seal micron level pores and be recycled. it was applied in 66 wells. the leakage rate was greatly reduced, and the reservoir protection effect was obvious.

notable improvement in speed and efficiency of new drilling tools. hydraulic pulse supercharging tool, two-way torsion automatic control system of the drill string, electromagnetic wave resistivity sinomacs amr tool while drilling and the near bit geological guidance system were developed and popularized to reduce the complex downhole faults and improved the drilling efficiency among them, chengbeigu-16 well adopted the hydraulic pulse supercharging tool, and the rop increased from 3.86 meters per hour (temporary well) to 7.65 meters per hour.

new progress in logging and mud-logging technology.sinolog900 network imaging logging system reached the advanced level in china as a whole. the tractor perforating technology made up for the problems caused by the self-locking of coiled tubing in ultra-long horizontal well and upwarped horizontal well, and constantly improved reliability, safety, seismic resistance, functional compatibility, etc. the porosity logging interpretation model based on variable skeleton parameters effectively improved the accuracy of logging interpretation and the coincidence rate of logging interpretation. geological guidance while drilling continued to be popularized and applied, providing technical support for shale gas and tight gas development in sichuan chongqing and north china work areas, effectively improving the drilling rate of the target layer, achieving trajectory refinement control, and promoting speed and efficiency.

continuous improvement in development of special operation technology we continued to promote the support capacity of coiled tubing and high-pressure operation, and made remarkable achievements in large-scale fracturing of deep and atmospheric shale gas, completion test of ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure and ultra-deep oil and gas reservoir, etc. the formation of a set of new technologies suitable for the exploration and development of dry hot rock marked a breakthrough in the field of exploration of dry hot rock resources. the 240-degree fracturing fluid system and 5.5-inch non-standard thin-wall casing mechanical packer (wj-mr) were successfully developed, which further enhanced the technical advantages in ultra-deep wells. in the shale oil risk exploration of shengli oilfield, yiyeping-1 well created the largest scale fracturing construction record of 45,200 cubic meters of liquid injection, 2,838 cubic meters of sand and 3,270 tonnes of carbon dioxide for a single well. in the shale gas wells of sichuan basin, the deepest fracturing is 6,240 meters, the largest fracturing section was 5 sections per day, and the deepest pumping bridge plug was 6108 meters. in the acid fracturing section of tarim basin, the deepest fracturing section was 8,411 meters, and the deepest coiled tubing operation well was 7,091 meters.

innovation achievements in ground engineering technology.we won 1 second prize of sinopec technology invention and 60 national patents. 17 construction methods were awarded provincial and ministerial-level construction methods. 3 proprietary technologies were recognized by the company, and 25 achievements were listed in the catalogue of transformation and promotion technology of sinopec key scientific and technological achievements.

high quality and high efficiency development of oil and gas equipment and service. the 5000 type full electric fracturing equipment was recommended as a major national science and technology landmark achievement in the 13th five-year plan. the first electric drive marine cementing equipment in china broke the technological monopoly of foreign countries. the 62-tonne ultra-deep well coiled tubing operation equipment and carbon dioxide pressurization device showed good effect. the series of bit drilling tools set 303 technical index records in the domestic and foreign markets, helping shunbeiying 1 well to set the deepest well record of sinopec with a depth of 8588 meters and the longest footage record of a single bit entering the well at one time.