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engineering construction

during the 11th five-year plan period, sinopec engineering and construction is unprecedented in investment scale as well as construction scale. 191 plants have been commissioned. 20 long-distance pipelines have been put into operation. investment return from these projects is generated as scheduled.4 ethylene plants with the capacity close to 1mtpy have been constructed.

in 2010, 24 key projects progressed steadily, 35 refining and chemical plants were put into commissioning and 3 long-distance pipelines were constructed and put into use. other key projects, revamping projects and overseas refining and chemical investment projects went on smoothly.

oilfield surface projects

as a key national project, it took four years for sichuan to east china gas transmission project to achieve a successful completion. it realized the safe development of puguang gas field, the safe commissioning of purification plant and the safe operation of long-distance pipeline. there are 9 tunnels of dawan block surface gathering and transportation project with a total length of 6116.7m. 8 of them have been completed. shengli no. 3 platform is in progress.

refining and chemical projects

tianjin 1mtpy ethylene plant and zhenhai 1mtpy ethylene plant have been built and put into operation. tahe heavy crude upgrading project and changling refinery revamping project have been completed and put into operation as scheduled. qilu, guangzhou and cangzhou s-zorb projects have been finished. wuhan 800,000t/y ethylene project with 9 production plants has started piling. svw vam, pva, acetylene, jv air separation, boiler power generation plants achieved mechanical completion. beihai, maoming, anqing, shanghai and jinling refinery revamping projects are proceeding smoothly.

pipeline storage and transportation projects

yulin-jinan gas pipeline has been put into use. jiangsu oil product pipeline has been put into commissioning. daxie island oil depot has been commissioned two months ahead of schedule. cezi island expansion project has been completed. yizheng storage tank has been put into use. rizhao-yizheng, zhanjiang-beihai crude pipeline, fujian integrated project accessory oil product pipeline, yongshaojinqu oil product pipeline and accessory oil depot, pearl river delta oil product pipeline ii, beihai-nanning-baise oil product pipeline projects are speeding up their construction.