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products marketing and service

natural gas

in the whole year, 51.32 billion cubic meters of natural gas were operated, an increase of 26.7%, of which 48.36 billion cubic meters of natural gas were sold, an increase of 19.5%, about 10.8 percentage points higher than the national average, and the domestic market share rose from 14.3% to 15.7%.

the company expanded market shares and made remarkable achievements in market development.we coordinated domestic and foreign resources, expanded resource scale, coordinated gas fields, and stabilized domestic onshore gas resources. we well arranged long-term lng delivery plan, increased spot purchase, and met market demand. we strengthened cooperation with cnpc, increased supply of 670 million cubic meters for jiangsu market through north sea lng resource swap. we supplied re-gasified imported lng to zhejiang market by leveraging shanghai shenneng lng terminal and its pipeline network. we developed 215 new pipeline gas users and 91 lng liquids users. we expanded the sales scope and the sales volume of liquids. the annual average daily sales volume of the three lng terminals of the company exceeded 12.5 thousand tonnes, with a growth rate of 62.6%. the maximum daily loading volume reached 951 vehicles, covering 15 provinces, cities and autonomous regions.

oil products and non-oil products

in 2019, domestic refined oil business volume reached 184 million tonnes, an increase of 2.3%, of which retail sales reached 123 million tonnes, an increase of 0.7%, and direct distribution reached 61.91 million tonnes, an increase of 5.6%. the operating revenues of non-oil business increased 2.2%.

oil products marketing and service.we adopted precision marketing, adhered to the principle of "precision and flexibility", and implemented "one policy for one domain, one policy for one road, one policy for one station, one policy for one customer, one policy for one time". we carried out campaigns for "fighting against crimes and non-compliance practices", and improved the market competition environment. we stabilized the strategic cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign suppliers, expanded overseas markets, took multiple measures simultaneously, and successfully achieved both volume and price. we adhered to the maximization of the value of the industrial chain, optimized the supply of domestic resources, promoted internal marketization, and created a favorable environment for expanding sales and creating efficiency. we expanded the price gap between resources purchased globally, adhered to the separation of gasoline production and sales, pushed forward the price stabilization of diesel oil, and flexibly grasped the pace and volume price of external procurement. we adhered to the operation of low inventory, coordinated logistics, expanded the scale of pipeline transportation, strictly controlled the flow of high freight rates, further optimized logistics, and greatly saved freight and miscellaneous charges.

non-fuel marketing and service. we leveraged the brand effect of easyjoy and improved brand quality. we organized national theme marketing activities such as "yixiang festival" and "spring festival goods market", introduced channels to carry out poverty alleviation through consumption, and improved the reputation and influence of the brand in a large scale. we accelerated the expansion of new business such as car washing, advertising, fast food and insurance, piloted easyjoy coffee, and improved the quality of non-fuel business. we selected best products for better promoting fuel and non-fuel business at the same time.

fuel oil

in the whole year, the total operating volume of fuel oil reached 23.04 million tonnes, the reported profit reached 350 million yuan, and volume and profitability reached record highs.

the volume and efficiency of domestic trade increased significantly. we developed flexible business strategy, effectively controlled sales rhythm, continuously improved business quality, and made full efforts to do a good job in petrochemical resource management. "visit enterprises, send services, expand business, create benefits" activities achieved remarkable results. we gave full play to the advantages of one game operation, strengthened the organization of marine resources in the northeast and shandong resource distribution centers, strengthened the development of terminal customers along the coastal river, realized the cross regional connection between resources and market, and increased the operation volume of domestic trade ship oil supply terminal by more than 30%. we carefully operated the marine retail market, increased the publicity and promotion of marine light fuel oil, "i want to refuel" platform had nearly 12,000 orders, with a 15% increase in volume and a transaction amount of 127 million yuan. the annual domestic trade volume reached 3.33 million tonnes.

the volume effect of bonded business reached a record high.we optimized the low sulfur storage and transportation facilities, planned the low sulfur resource reserve, and seized the market opportunity in the low sulfur resource switching period. we promoted the production of low sulfur ship fuel in petrochemical industry and realized the large-scale production of resources in shanghai, jinling and other enterprises. we explored the direct channels in mexico and peru, vigorously carried out coordination, and effectively reduced the procurement cost of low sulfur ship fuel. the proportion of terminal operation continued to increase,signing long-term contracts with more than 20 ship owners with low sulfur, and the proportion of terminal and long-term contracts exceeded 50%. we actively coordinated with local governments to promote model innovation and further improved the efficiency of distribution services. the annual sales volume of bonded business was 5.42 million tonnes, with a market share of nearly 40% and a low sulfur switching period of 50%.

other refined products

for the first time, the total sales volume of oil refining products exceeded 41 million tonnes, an increase of 2.9%, and the market share continued to maintain the leading position in china. we strengthened market analysis and policy research on product sales, closely integrated production, marketing and research, and served end users. asphalt segment won the bid for vietnam f1 track construction project, and donghai asphalt has become the designated product for domestic key projects.

the operating volume of lubricating grease reached 1.206 million tonnes, an increase of 6%. we accelerated the technology access and localization of key equipment, obtained 27 patents and 68 technical certifications, completed localization of 139 projects, completed the technical reserve of engine oil for gbvi emission standard. synthetic aviation engine oil successfully passed the bench test of cfm, and high-speed rail gear oil obtained the technology access of all 13 motor car models of qingdao sifang. we continued to increase the promotion of "green lubrication and green packaging", and the replacement rate of environmental protection packaging of gr eat wall lubricating oil is o ver 85%.

chemical products

in 2019, the total operating volume was 89.50 million tonnes, an increase of 3.3%, a new record, of which the growth rate of both the company-conducted marketing and self-operation both up by more than 10 percentage points. we signed framework agreements with private enterprises such as hengli refining and chemical co., ltd. to realize resource coordination and complementary advantages. we deepened the "one product, one policy" precision marketing, and refined differentiated marketing policies of products, prices and channels. we also deepened the "one customer, one solution" precision service, and developed differentiated service plans for customers. guided by customer and market demand, we gave full play to the advantages of integration of production, marketing, research and use, cooperated with production, scientific research and end-users to develop new products, and achieved new breakthroughs in new product (specialty materials) sales and replacing imports with self-produced major synthetic materials. we accelerated the transformation from traditional marketing to e-commerce marketing mode, continuously improved core functions such as "petrochemical e-commerce" process design, online payment, e-commerce logistics, and mobile application, and initially created "contract spot", "service product", "online offline" and "platform support" e-commerce mode for chemical products. by the end of 2019, all chemical products were sold online. we improved the distribution network, and established new domestic branches in tahe and xinjiang. the russian office opened successfully. the indian office is in preparation.

the total sales volume of catalyst products kept increasing, and new breakthroughs were made in key markets. domestic catalyst sales increased by 7.24%, and customer satisfaction continued to improve.