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guided by the scientific outlook on development, the group conducted talents recruitment to meet the needs of the company’s development strategy and talent team building. focusing on both the capability and the integrity, we based on internal resources and looked for external opportunities with worldwide vision, continuously strengthening the reasonable allocation of internal resources. we vigorously recruited various kinds of much-needed, excellent high-level talents from home and abroad, making full use of the government’s policy of introducing “************************" from abroad. we implemented a progressive talent development plan through recruitment, reserve and cultivation. meanwhile, we also recruit high-quality university graduates according to the principle of “focusing on disiplines, selecting the best, taking a transparent process, and enhancing the supervision”.

talent recruitment is managed by the hqs and implemented by various subsidiaries. the hqs is in charge of macro-management and coordination on major recruitment projects, as well as policy making, defining of recruitment scale, approving recruitment plans, giving guidance, supervision and evaluating the recruitment work. based on the regulations and requests by the headquarters, subsidiaries should conduct demand analysis, work out talents demand plan, and organize recruitment work according to the approved plan.​

sinopec cordially welcome various kinds of excellent talents, jointly composing a flowery chapter in career and life.