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in november 2004, china petrochemical officially joined the united nations global compact organization. since 2007 the company every year issued shares of sustainable development report, since 2008 release group company social responsibility report, and actively to the public by china petrochemical corporation to perform the social responsibility of experience and effect. the report in the compilation process reference the following guidelines, and adopts the tutorial mentioned index system:

- global report initiative organization (gri) "sustainable development report guide" (version 3.0)

- the international petroleum industry environmental protection association (ipieca) and the american petroleum institute (api) the oil and gas industry sustainable development report released voluntarily guide"

- state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council "about the central to corporate social responsibility's instruction opinion"

- the chinese academy of social sciences "chinese enterprise social responsibility report of guide"

- china business council for sustainable development "chinese enterprise social responsibility recommendation and implementation example"

china petrochemical newspaper was founded in march of 1988, relying on china's petrochemical this internationally competitive world-class energy chemical industry company, and radiation to the mainstay of the national economy industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, newspapers, magazines, television, web site at an organic whole, petroleum and petrochemical industry is facing a comprehensive news media.

in the face of the opportunities for development, china petrochemical newspaper to adhere to the correct orientation, the scale of running means and quality level is created the unprecedented achievement, has the china economic news industry advanced ranks. newspapers and periodicals and advertising business for many years and historical best result.​

in the process of reform and development, in the competition and innovation of chinese petrochemical newspaper, has extensive news support system. in the industry has reporter station more than 90.

the china petrochemical news - universal coverage at all levels of decision makers and a line employees

the china petrochemical news "five weekly - points spread all the effective information carrier

the china petrochemical magazine - china petrochemical decision-making of the senior staff

china petrochemical mobile phone newspaper, direct senior leading cadre's new media

china petrochemical news network - rapid meet petroleum and petrochemical authoritative information demand

china petrochemical tv news -- into millions of staff family, landing office platform, walked into the bus dining room

china petrochemical news photos net - news photos container, photography people's homes

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