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education and training

training philosophy:

sinopec adheres to the concepts of putting people first and focusing on common development of corporate and staff, advocate concepts that education and training are high-rewarding investment and other concepts like serving the corporate strategy and practicing the knowledge, and continuous innovation and quality first. incorporate staff training and development into corporate planning and developing training implementation plan. strengthen overall all kinds of employee training and increase the value of human capital.

sinopec made a "sinopec employee training management stipulation" as the main training supporting management system, stresses on building a learning organization and a learning team, contributes to building a training system with sinopec characteristics, and creates a platform for all staff to receive training and development. training management system is constantly improved, gradually formed a management system with overall planning and clear division of labor, an operation mechanism with orderly regulation and high efficiency, and an incentive and restriction mechanism integrated selecting, training and appointing. implement by the headquarters and subsidiaries classification management, which are in charge of by personnel department, other departments divisions of responsibilities.

the training backup system is gradually strengthened and training funds are ensured, training centers, faculty, textbooks and other basic constructions have met the training needs. training expense specialized on staff training is higher than social average level, with sinopec management institute, and a number of strong training bases, combining full-time and part-time, the reasonable structure of training teacher team, and a distance learning system with advanced technology and covered full-scale.

training plan:

sinopec and its subsidiaries annually make training plans at different levels and classifications according to corporate development strategy, with the production and business operation together with planning, evaluation, to position capacity demand and staff career development demand. the company safeguards staff’s rights of receiving target training, such as orientation, business knowledge and skills training, job qualification training and target-specific training. the company promotes "three training projects" of which the first is “tens of thousands of key talents training project”. to sharpen core competence, we pay special attention to the senior management talents, high-level professional and technical talents, a total of 10,000 people received training in the past 5 years. the second is “talents on key positions capability upgrading project”. training business managements, operations, scientific developments, skill and operation business involved in an important responsibility, key technology, and other key posts, in order to improve the job responsibilities, and innovation ability is given priority, conducting intensive training to all relevant staff in 5 years. the third is “all staff upgrading project for all employees, highlighting overall qualities and post ability enhancement and striving to all employee training coverage in 5 years.

training methods:

the company emphasizes on practical and effective training to benefit the employees in various ways of part-time and full-time training, domestic and overseas training, theory learning and practice exercising, distance learning and face to face teaching. training institutes of sinopec proactively advance innovation, optimizing content, and improving means. at the same time, they cooperate and exchange with many well-known higher education, research institutes and international enterprises home and abroad so that training channels can be explored and training achievements can be reached. as a result, our staff’s working capability and efficiency is continuously improved.

by 2011, sinopec distance learning system has opened more than 600 courses. the fields covered professional attainment, basic management, major technology, technical operation, internationalization. we have broadcasted courses such as management and technology, and actively explored online training courses and face-to-face training.

by 2011, the headquarters of sinopec directly organized the training of 3248 key talents, including training of 674 executives, training of 1083 high-level professional and technical talents, training of 730 talent of high technical ability, training of 761 international-operation talents, and training of 5600 key talents. if plus the subsidiary-level large-scale training, total off-work training reaches about 997,000 people times.

sinopec has always focused on enterprise reform and development, team construction and staff development needs, organized large-scale training, and actively promoted training innovation, constantly strengthened training pertinence and effectiveness. all of that offered a better talent guarantee and intellectual support for sinopec.