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leadership building

sinopec group recognizes the importance of a strong leadership in its endeavor to become a world leading energy company. based on its business needs and growth prospects, it is going all out to build an ambitious, capable and competent leadership with shared ideas and ideals, a leadership that safeguards the stability and safety of its business and people. for these purposes, the company is working on reforming the management system of leadership roles by applying a more systematic and standardized approach and enhancing the overall competency of the management team.

reinforce party spirit culture and improve style image to strengthen the leadership ideological and political development. keep leadership self-building, earnestly implement the learning provisions such as leadership theory study session, democratic life meeting and annual report about principal management members learning, work and honest duty situation. carry out a long discussion about how to build a highly responsible, highly respected enterprise, held the third principal party and management leadership training class, carry out education about revolutionary tradition and party spirit, guide all principal management members to think about political, overall situation, responsibility and devotion. fortify ideal and belief, improve team unity and close ties with the masses, self-discipline. focus on concerns of those who work in remote or tough areas for a long time and face difficult conditions. insist on the strict requirements for management and supervision, guide the employees to further strengthen self-discipline consciousness, accept supervision, promote austerity spirit, and establish a good image.

sinopec is exploring competition-based recruitment methods to advance the reform of leadership management system.

in 2011, sinopec held an opening recruitment for five management vacancies from subordinate enterprises and headquarters. according to the results of written tests, interviews, and assessment, five candidates were selected. the open recruitment was successful because of good preparation, high transparency, strong supervision and participants’ support. to adapt to the normalization and standardization of competitive selection, sinopec has already researched and made the relevant management measures for leading personnel open recruitment and competitive selection work as a system guarantee in the whole company.

further optimize and adjust the leadership to service sinopec overall reform and development. to adapt to the needs of the implementation of the strategic resources, sinopec group adjusts and enriches some management teams of oil field enterprises, according to the requirement from developing unconventional oil & gas business, choose those talents that are good at related business, improve professional structure of the team. study and improve leading personnel management system and operation mechanism of related companies for petroleum service and refining business reorganization. to further improve leadership building and leadership personnel for overseas subsidiaries for internationalization strategy. carry out the rule of certain opinions about strengthening and improving central enterprise and the central financial institutions discipline inspection and supervision organization construction, better the discipline inspection and supervision construction and to safeguard the party's work style.

in order to improve the credibility and satisfaction of selecting and appointing persons, sinopec group further strengthens the supervision in this work. improve the management system of the managers and implement strictly. strengthen supervision and inspection, ensure system running regularly and avoid malpractices. further enhance inspection by the top management, masses supervise and improve the work of handling letters and visits from the people. monitoring executive, democratic decision-making, choose and appoint work, close ties with the masses and advocate honesty of managers in order to urge them to enhance professionalism and responsibility, strict disciplines, scientific and democratic policy-making, regulating the business management behavior, promote enterprise to operate in harmony and stability.