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comments from the public

● sinopec received the annual "people's social responsibility award" (hosted by people's daily online).
● wang wenqing, head of zhengyi service station of yangzhou branch of sinopec jiangsu oil products company, was elected as the annual internet figures of "china's internet world •touching 2010" (hosted by xinhua net).
● sinopec shijiazhuang petrochemical company won "grand award of the enterprise with the most csr" by shijiazhuang municipality.
● at the 2010 national science and technology awards ceremony, sinopec won 12 awards, including one first prize of national science and technology progress, ten second prize of national science and technology progress and one second prize of national technology invention.
● sinopec won "soe's outstanding contribution to 2010 shanghai expo award" during a ceremony held by sasac.
● sinopec luoyang petrochemical company won "first price of enterprise's outstanding contribution for the year 2010" by luoyang municipality.
● 9 products of sinopec yangzi petrochemical won the title of "provincial famous brand" again, among which the pta product alone enjoys the highest domestic honor of "the most satisfactory product".
● all the sinopec subsidiaries based in jiangsu province have become "safe enterprise" at provincial level.
● sinopec beijing yanshan petrochemical won the title of a-level enterprise for tax-paying credit of beijing 2011-2012".
● sinopec guangzhou oil products company won the title of "advanced collective of the asian games and asian paralympics" granted by guangdong provincial party committee and the provincial government.
● 10 subsidiaries of sinopec were rated by sasac as "advanced enterprise in maintaining industrial safety".
● fu chengyu, chairman of sinopec was elected as board member of the un global compact.
● sinopec won "china philanthropy award", the highest government charitable award granted by the ministry of civil affairs.
● the 24th awards of u.s. hart energy recently announced that sinopec won the excellence award of international refining companies.
● sinopec jiujiang petrochemical company was named as jiangxi's advanced industrial energy efficiency enterprise.
● sinopec was awarded "china's low carbon example" award (hosted by china news agency, and china newsweek).
● six sinopec subsidiaries were awarded the example companies in labor relations and social harmony. these subsidiaries are zhongyuan oilfield, jianghan oilfield, tianjin petrochemical company, shanghai petrochemical company, zhenhai refinery and chemical company and luoyang engineering company.
● sinopec hebei oil products company won the "most socially responsible award • hebei top ten enterprises".
● sinopec cangzhou refinery was named as the outstanding enterprise for energy saving of hebei province.
● ldpe project team of the 4th construction company of sinopec won the title of "best project ehs performance" from the headquarters of sabic as well as the green banner symbolizing the highest honor of sabic safety management.
● in 2010 "ankang cup" contest carried out by the china federation of trade unions and state administration of safe production and supervision, sinopec maoming petrochemical company was named national security contest winning enterprise for six consecutive years.
● sinopec was awarded the "bright achievement award" by the foundation for lifeline express.
● sinopec ranks the 5th in terms of social responsibility development indexes, according to the bluebook corporate social responsibility (2010) issued by chinese academy of social sciences.
● sinopec great wall lubricant is awarded with the "golden finger award for high-quality lubricant suppliers".
● china enterprise culture improvement association awarded sinopec baling petrochemical company "top 100 organizations" in corporate culture construction.
● two scientific achievements by sinopec zhongyuan oilfield won first prize of china petroleum society.
● sinopec lubricant company beijing branch received award from beijing development and reform commission regarding its energy saving achievement.
● sinopec south exploration co. won first prize of the annual national energy science and technology progress award.
● sinopec was named as the advanced group of the national poverty alleviation and development by the leading group office of poverty alleviation under the state council.
● sinopec oil products sales company received the award of 2011 best oil supplier of china automobile circulation (hosted by
● at the fourth international symposium of china corporate social responsibility reporting jointly organized by the wto guide and china business council for sustainable development, sinopec won the "golden bee 2011 outstanding corporate social responsibility report • innovation report award".
● sinopec won the "outstanding enterprise of csr in china" award (hosted by
● 9 subsidiaries of sinopec were awarded as the national civilized units at the national spiritual civilization construction working conference.