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fulfilling csr overseas for common prosperity

implementing the belt and road initiative, sinopec formulates development plans from an international perspective and leverages its advantages in an industrial chain integrating upstream, midstream and downstream to fuel global economic growth with green efficient energy products. to fulfill our social responsibility overseas, we take measures to enhance health, safety and environment (hse) management, adopt localized workforce and local sourcing, participate in local community construction and promote integration of diverse cultures,thus establishing a sterling image as a responsible global corporate citizen.

yanbu refinery, sinopec’s first overseas refining and chemical project as well as china’s largest investment project in saudi arabia, has become a paradigm for sino-saudi business cooperation.
sinopec undertook the purified water transportation project from al khobar to al ahsa commissioned by the saudi ministry of agriculture,which is the largest water recycling project in the history of saudi arabia and facilitates the connection of the al khobar domestic sewage treatment plant with the agricultural irrigation area of al-hofuf in al ahsa.