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green enterprise action plan

actively building a green company. we assigned “one guideline and two checklists” to 89 manufacturing enterprises throughout the year, and completed specific project promotion and on-site services. we looked into problems based on guideline on green enterprise evaluation (2019), devised and improved measures, and developed our ability to build green enterprise. 27 organizations including shengli oilfield were awarded “green enterprises of sinopec”.

leveraging the demonstration and leading role of green enterprises. we encouraged the 10 green enterprises awarded in 2018 to carry out green action plan, urged all enterprises to implement ecological civilization and construction, comply with laws and regulations during production and management, and shoulder related responsibilities in fighting the three year pollution prevention battle. we arranged 9 general requirements, 10 major indicators, and 21 key tasks, specified test methods, followed developments regularly, and continuously raised the sustainable development of those enterprises already awarded green enterprises.

kicking off green action plan for engineering and research & development. we comprehensively straightened out our weakness in green development, putting forward targeted improvement measures, tasks and projects, formulated “one guideline and two checklists”, and pushed all-round green action plan to take root in engineering and r&d affiliates.

unfolding green grass-roots work. we drew up the appraisal methods for 11 green grass-root organizations including oilfield, refineries, and sales. we fully launched green grass-roots, and further extended green action plan to grass-root organizations. by the end of 2019, the first batch of green grass-roots construction and awarding for enterprises of our company basically completed.