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reward the society

for many years we have promoted the organic unity of the company's economic, social and environmental responsibilities. while accelerating the pace of development, we also conscientiously fulfill the corporate social responsibilities, and actively push forward the harmonious development of both the company and the society, so as to build a "highly responsible and highly respected" company.

in 2011, sinopec has made positive contributions in a number of areas: building harmonious communities, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and aiding tibet, health care, donation for education and supporting poor students, and helping to develop national sports and promoting health. in 2011, we donated a total of rmb 150 million. in 2011, we received "2011 china's outstanding enterprise in corporate social responsibility" awarded by xinhua news agency and "china philanthropy prize" awarded by ministry of civil affairs.

community building

adhering to the philosophy of "localization, development upon surrounding advantages, and win-win cooperation", sinopec has signed strategic cooperation agreement with a number of provinces and cities in 2011. sinopec has actively participated and promoted local employment and company development. for example, some oilfield subsidiaries carried out activity of "building harmonious and civilized community", made great efforts to create a safe, convenient, clean and beautiful environment and healthy cultural atmosphere for community residents, which was recognized by local government and people.


aid those in need, help those in difficulty

aiding those in need and helping those in difficulty will improve the unity and harmony of the society. by 2011, sinopec has carried out designated poverty alleviation program for 23 consecutive years, has implemented aiding program for tibet for 9 years, and has sponsored lifeline express project for 8 years. all these programs effectively improve the production and living condition of local people, and stimulate the economic growth of local society. in 2011, sinopec also assisted the reconstruction of disaster-hit regions and drought-regions in guizhou province.

  • ssisting porverty-hit counties
  • aiding tibet
  • aiding qinghai
  • lifeline express" brightness tour
  • aiding disaster area

funding educational programs

“never let a single child drop out of school because of poverty", this is sinopec's commitment to employees, and also a hope to all the children who dropout due to poverty. on the one hand, sinopec actively aid to build the "hope primary school". on the other hand, we set up funds and carry out various donations for poor children.

  • funding the construction of "hope schools"
  • funding "spring blossom" female students
  • funding for impoverished students