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safty, security and occupational health

production safety

comprehensively revising hsse management system and enhancing the foundation of production safety. we revised and improved the hsse management system of our company, formulated management team responsibility system of the company, and revised and improved the department responsibility system of production safety of the headquarter. we implemented scoring management for safety, and strengthened all staff’s awareness of safety responsibility.

highlighting major risk management and control and thoroughly screening and addressing potential hazards. we established the list of systemic safety production risks and the major production enterprises realized the goal of reducing total risks. among the 22 company-level significant risks, we eliminated or downgraded 15 risks, and addressed all potential hazards under supervision of the company. we conducted compliance tests on the new version of fire prevention code in design for petrochemical enterprises. we organized specific screening campaign on dangerous waste storage, air separation units, and fire safety, accomplished the task of dealing with dangerous chemicals in three years, and eliminated some latent risks.

strengthening safety management in contractor and direct operation. we categorized contractor safety management as major risks and made the head of each enterprise responsible for such management. we formulated and implemented the ten safety management measures for strengthening direct operations, and clarified criterion of “actions seriously violating safety management”. we utilized safety practice training bases and mobile practice training facilities, and carried out experiential safety practice training. we organized specific inspections on contractor safety management. we held person responsible accountable for any mismanagement, and exerted “entry restrictions” on contractors who failed to pass safety tests.

intensifying safety supervision and firmly building foundations for safety. we launched key inspections on major risk control and hidden danger treatment in enterprises and leadership and management performances, and eliminated a batch of prominent problems and hidden risks. we carried out specific inspections on well control safety, process discipline, alarm interlock, service station anti-seepage revamping, management and control of dangerous chemicals. we also further regulated safety management of production and construction sites.

enhancing emergency response team building and increasing emergency response capability. we set up voluntary emergency response teams in grass-root organizations, which significantly raised the ability to deal with emergences for those organizations. we improved management system for unusual production, organized symposium for such production, established risk monitoring and warning system for dangerous chemicals, and pushed the gate of emergency management forward. we developed 8 national emergency relief bases of dangerous chemicals, and organized company-level drill practices for fire accident scenarios of refining facilities. we properly and frequently assisted local governments to handle various emergencies.

improving public security management. we made holistic arrangement and deployment in ensuring company public security work in times of big national events as the celebration ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s republic of china, china international import expo (ciie) and military world games, and accomplished security tasks. we steadily carried forward the construction of industrial standard reaching set up by the ministry of public security, and completed the grading of 25,000 key goals.

overseas public security

in 2019, the company adhered to the overseas public security management philosophy, constantly strengthening awareness of risks, prevention and responsibility, pushed forward preventative overseas public security, and maintained a record of “zero death” in overseas public security for twelve consecutive years.

improving risk evaluation standards. we revised and released risk evaluation standards of overseas public security, improved the function of risk evaluation information system, developed and utilized oa system to submit and review and approve the reports, and realized online operation of risk evaluation, report submission and report review and approval. we carried out 319 risk evaluation projects, of which 146 were new projects by newly established organizations.

running the third round of overseas public security training programme. overseas public security training focuses more on publicity and advocacy of the current international security scenario, first aids like cpr, and terrorist attack prevention. in 2019, 5,073 trainees attended the programme in total.

promoting security benchmarking and stationing. we listed terrorist/armed attack and kidnapping as the highest overseas public security risk, and made comprehensive arrangements in security benchmarking. we continued to dispatch security officers to organizations in pakistan, nigeria, south *****, etc.

strengthening physical and psychological health and transportation safety management. we conducted health risk evaluation on expatriates, followed the health condition of our employees working abroad and made appropriate interventions, and enhanced transportation safety management. in 2019, overseas health related events decreased by 2, death by 1, and nobody died in traffic accidents.

undertaking emergency response work. through terminals like wechat groups and marine satellite equipment, we integrated real-time communications within and outside china. we revised and improved contingency plans for overseas organizations and projects, and carried out safety risk screening, on-the-spot survey of evacuation routes, and personnel evacuation drills.

promoting country-specific risk tips and safety risk early warning. we improved country-specific risk tipping system, making overseas security management extend to that of non-technical risks. we released country-specific risk information report of 2018, and three editions of country-specific information tips. we released 52 editions of overseas public security information reports, and 24 editions of risk tracking records of overseas public security risks. we also released 10 editions of non-scheduled safety prevention tips during special occasion or in special regions and epidemic prevention tips for infectious diseases.

we actively promoted insurance and rescuing work, improving the ability of mobilization and first aid. we continued to carry out overseas public security audit and joint exams on overseas hsse, making progress in overall supervision and examination.

occupational health

continuously improving working environment and conditions. we stringently controlled major occupational hazards, eliminated toxics, and dealt with excessive dusts. we carried out assessments on typical noise distribution and influence for facilities, strengthened specific control over noise overexposure places, and increased the post compliance rate by 8 percentage points. we pushed forward the specific control on central air-conditioning in densely populated places where air supply quality met standards.

standardizing personal protective equipment management. we conducted spot checks on safety shoes, and enhanced stock-in tests. our employees assuming high-risk posts in refineries were equipped with flame retardant and antistatic protective garments. we made thorough examinations in preparation of scba, and further regulated management on scba.

promoting physical and psychological health for our staff. we screened our employees’ health, and formulated and implemented intervention measures for those with high health risks. enterprises set up emergency medical and health rooms on production sites, and prepared emergency medical facilities as aed and sphygmomanometer in densely populated sites. we further intensified eap, conducted psychological consulting through online platforms, and promoted psychological construction of safety and emergency prevention, producing positive effects.