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social contribution

sinopec lifeline express

in 2019, the sinopec lifeline express traveled to changzhi in shanxi, dingxi in gansu and yingcheng in hubei, cured more than 3,000 poor cataract patients free of charge. as of end of 2019, sinopec had donated more than 180 million yuan and cured more than 45,000 cataract patients in 38 regions in 18 provinces. it had also sponsored the building of 21 lifeline express centers for eye care. sinopec’s “lifeline express” programme had been awarded “outstanding contribution prize” for 15 consecutive years by china lifeline express foundation. it was also awarded the nation’s “best volunteer project” title by cpc publicity department and “outstanding volunteer project among central enterprises” by sasac.

the gas station that cares: a better road home

since 2013, sinopec has been carrying out the project of providing care and services to peasant workers travelling home during the spring festival. free refuels and hot congee, ginger soup, refresh areas and baby care rooms were provided for motorcyclists and car drivers in our service stations. for eight consecutive years and 247 gas stations were enrolled in providing the services to motorcyclists among which 14 stations provided free gasoline to 11,000 persons and radiation of such services covered around 1 million squire kilometers.

service stations with love

in 2016, sinopec inaugurated the “service stations with love for environment workers” programme in jiangsu province and expanded to beijing-tianjin-hebei, the yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and sichuan-chongqing areas in 2018. by the end of 2019, 2,260 stations in 13 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions had added this service.

serving farming season

in 2019, in order to guarantee the production in busy farming seasons like spring plough, summer and autumn harvests, sinopec increased resource input, optimized resource allocation, carried out policies supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers and ensured the supply of oil products for agriculture. through volunteers helping farm work, utilizing oil tank trucks and delivery vehicles, and providing subsidies and free goods to poor farmers, we helped agricultural activities and harvest.

support for law popularization

sinopec received a letter of appreciation from the ministry of justice on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ministry’s “1 1” china legal aid volunteer project. we have also sponsored and organized contests for constitutional knowledge for five consecutive years to increase publicity.

rescue and relief

a forest fire started in daba liangzi mountain in tiantai township of chongqing’s fuling district in april 2019. we dispatched 12 firefighters, 3 fire trucks and 1 emergency vehicle from jianghan oilfield subsidiary to the scene to help fight the fire. in july, a landslide disaster occurred in pengdi village of jichang town, shuicheng county, liupanshui city of guizhou province. sinopec liupanshui petroleum branch immediately assisted in the relief work, organizing trucks to transport fuel to the disaster area to ensure supply of fuel for emergency rescue vehicles. we also sent emergency rescue teams and rescue vehicles to transport relief materials and made all-out effort to help emergency relief.

sponsoring building “new red army bridge”

in july 2019, the "new red army bridge" built in shangshaozhai, liping county, guizhou province was completed. sinopec donated 1.8 million yuan for construction of the 54 meters-long, 4.5 meters-wide and 5.6 meters-tall bridge with a capacity of 20 tonnes.

supporting major events

in 2019, sinopec provided strong support for the nation’s major events such as the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s republic of china and the beijing 2022 winter olympics preparation work through supplying premium oil products.

volunteer services

in 2019, sinopec encouraged its employees to actively participate in volunteer services with a spirit to advocate contribution, solidarity, helping and progressing. a total of 800,000 participants and 1.6 million hours were recorded in volunteer work. by the end of 2019, sinopec had over 200,000 registered volunteers, over 1,500 volunteer teams and more than 2,000 volunteer service bases.

targeted assistance and poverty alleviation

in 2019, sinopec aided 8 counties nationwide and donated 165 million yuan, supporting 66 poverty alleviation projects and benefiting 57,000 people in 114,000 families. yuexi and yingshang counties of anhui, ban’ge county of tibet and fenghuang and luxi counties of hunan were lifted out of poverty in 2018 and 2019, respectively. as of end of 2019, 67 subsidiaries had sent 1,945 people to 709 villages for poverty alleviation tasks to assist local governments.