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talents development

sinopec group firmly establishes scientific talent view, treats the staff as precious resources and gives full play to the advantages of human resources, increasing staff quality by means of deepening the cadre, personnel, employment and income distribution system reform in order to incentivize all talents. adhering to the principle of talent is the first resource and manage human capital as the company's core assets, promote talents team construction vigorously with high-level and internationalization management talents as the key point. vigorous broaden the value and create a platform for all employees to show their abilities.

sinopec group adheres to the people-oriented principles to carry out talent growth channel construction with respect to talented persons’ characteristics and growth pattern. in order to improve vocational ability and job responsibilities, based on performance evaluation system to reflect the behavior of all kinds of talents. through setting up reasonable position system and remuneration system to build various category growth channel for management, professional and technician talents.

in order to cultivate talents, sinopec group pays attention to markets and future, combining current with long-term needs, integrating theory with practice, unify training and nurtures, practice exercises bond pertinence training, formed cultivation pattern based on business operation. holding the idea of on-site training is the best training, workplace is the best teacher, we train talents through post and major projects practice to build an international management talent team, a high-level business operating talent team ,a science and technology leading talent team, a top skills talent team and a youth talent team.

sinopec carries out needs-oriented policy, improving talents selection and appointment mechanism to make the best use of talents. establish a mechanism for all kinds of talents combining organization configuration and market allocation to develop the excellent talents selection scope, and recruit talents through multiple channels. pay attention to professional career management on a global platform to improve leadership ability and professional skills. implement the overseas high-level **************** plan, construct the overseas talent introduction green channel to recruit overseas high-level talents vigorously.

sinopec adheres to coordinate the development of talent and enterprise, fully implements the policy that respect work, knowledge, talent and creation, insists retain the talents with career, pay and affection, optimizes the environment for talents development, enhances employee-enterprise win-win, and builds talents pool. through deepening the humanistic care and strengthened incentive to build a favorable environment that everyone can concentrate on construction and development with more happiness, dignity and hope.

sinopec has 20 academicians of cas & cae, 309 experts enjoy special government allowances, 6 chinese skills award winners, 48 national technical experts, 537 sinopec group outstanding contribution experts, 881 sinopec group technical experts, forming a high-quality talent team represented by academician min enze (the nation's top science and technology award winner) and mr. dai xusheng (chinese skills award winner) .this team plays an important role in production, operation, reform and development, providing powerful brainpower support for sinopec group to seek effective and harmonious development.