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in early 2020, the covid-19 outbreak led to shutdown of downstream factories, imposing severe challenges to the company. we further adjusted product mix and producing units, scheduled utilization, rapidly switched our production to increase the supply of medical and health raw materials, and maintained stable production and operation. since the second quarter, with the steady resumption of work and production in china, the chemicals market witnessed a remarkable recovery. the company seized the opportunity by actively responding to market changes, strengthened the dynamic optimization of the facilities and product chain, and realized optimal operation of the units and utilization. we further fine-tuned chemical feedstock mix to optimize feeding proportion and increase product yield. we integrated production with marketing to continuously increase the ratio of high value-added and highend products. ethylene production in 2020 reached 12.06 million tonnes, the ratio of high value-added products of synthetic fiber was 32.5%, up by 0.8 percentage point year on year. the ratio of high value-added products of synthetic rubber was 31.6%, up by 2.5 percentage points year on year. the ratio of new and specialty products in synthetic resin reached 67.1%, up by 1.8 percentage points year on year. meanwhile, we innovated marketing model, deepened fine marketing strategy, targeted our tailored service, and further expanded the market. the total annual sales volume was 83 million tonnes, realizing full sales.