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health, safety, security and environment
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in 2020, the company constantly promoted the hsse management system, achieving an overall stable record in terms of safety and environmental protection. we promoted health management of all staff, especially strengthened the covid-19 prevention and control measures with a focus on occupational, physical and psychological health of employees at home and abroad. the three-year programme of special rectification of work safety was implemented to strictly supervise the contractors and our direct operations, and improve our emergency response. emphasis was laid on the control of key areas and links to safeguard a stable public security situation. in 2020, we persistently promoted the green enterprise action plan, focusing on pollution prevention and control, energy efficiency improvement, resource utilization, carbon emission reduction, and accomplished all targets. compared with 2019, energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of output was down by 0.85%, industrial fresh water usage was down by 1.1%, cod of discharged water down by 2.3%, and so2 emissions down by 4.2%. all solid waste was properly treated. for more detailed information, please refer to “sinopec 2020 communication on progress for sustainable development report”.