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marketing and distribution
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in 2020, confronted with challenges from the pandemic impact and shrinking market demand, the company brought our advantages of integrated production and marketing network into full play, seized the favorable opportunity of market recovery, coordinated allocation of resources, expanded market and increased sales, and continuously improved the quality of our retail. with focus on customer needs, we adopted a precision and differentiated marketing strategy to continuously improve our service level. we upgraded the network layout to reach end users to further strengthen our existing advantages. we accelerated the construction of comprehensive service stations including oil, gas, hydrogen, power and nonfuel businesses, and enhanced our comprehensive service competitiveness. total sales volume of refined oil products for the year was 218 million tonnes, of which domestic sales volume accounted for 168 million tonnes. meanwhile, we innovated the marketing model, strengthened development and marketing of company-owned brands, and actively explored emerging business models to speed up the development of non-fuel businesses.