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in 2021, the company seized the favorable opportunity of recovery and rising oil prices, insisted on integration and optimisation of production and marketing, focused on expanding scale and adjusting structure, and maximized the overall profits along the value chain. guided by the market demand, we expedited adjustment to increase the yield of chemicals feedstock and refining specialities. we vigorously increased production of gasoline and light chemical feedstock, continued to expand marketing and sales of special products such as low-sulfur bunker fuel, and maintained high utilization rate. the company optimized resource allocation and achieved significant cost reduction in procurement. we accelerated building up advanced production capacity and promoted structural adjustments. six hydrogen purification units and filling facilities were built throughout the year. in 2021, the company processed 255 million tonnes of crude oil, up by 7.8%, yielding 146 million tonnes of refined oil products, with a year-on-year increase of 3.3%. among them, gasoline output was 65.21 million tonnes, increased by 12.6%, and light chemical feedstock was 45.41 million tonnes, up by 12.9%.