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research and development
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in 2021, the company deepened the reform of science and technology system and mechanism, increased science and technology investment, promoted key core technology research, and achieved fruitful results, giving full play to the leading role of science and technology in industrial development. in upstream, new progress was made in exploration theory and breakthrough was achieved in key technology for exploration and development of sichuan basin and shunbei area. in refining, the world’s first industrial test of full distillates crude oil catalytic cracking technology was completed. the industrial application of mfp technology, which produces more propylene and low-sulfur fuel, realized a breakthrough. we also successfully developed and produced needle coke products. in chemicals, we took the lead in completing the industrial test of direct cracking of crude oil to ethylene in china, and we successfully developed 15 new lightweight products for green and environment-friendly vehicles, such as carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites. breakthroughs were made in the development of hydrogenated styrenic thermal-plastic elastomer. in 2021, the company had 8,045 patent applications at home and abroad, among which 4,868 were granted. we won 1 first prize and 5 second prizes of national scientific and technological progress award and 1 second prize of national technological invention award for 2020. we also obtained 1 gold, 4 silver and 11 excellence awards for chinese patents.