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research & development
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in 2020, with the emphasis on the support and leading role of technology and increasing investment in technology, the company accomplished notable results in deepening reform of r&d mechanism, promoting innovation platforms such as joint r&d centers and incubators, and making breakthrough in key and core technologies. in upstream, new breakthroughs were made in shale oil and gas exploration theory and technology, and the first atmospheric shale gas resource block in china was discovered. new breakthroughs were also made in ultra-deep oil and gas exploration and development technology, and seismic node acquisition system had been developed and applied on a large scale. in refining, the industrial test of fast bed catalytic cracking technology for producing low-carbon olefins was completed, and a complete set of technologies such as heavy oil catalytic cracking with high slag content and low emission were commercialized. in chemicals, we developed a complete set of 48k large-tow carbon fiber technology, realized the industrial production of a series of biodegradable materials, and quickly mastered the production technology of medical raw materials such as meltblown material and fabric. in 2020, the company had 6,809 patent applications at home and abroad, among which 4,254 were granted.