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oil refining catalyst

scc is the largest manufacturer and supplier of petroleum and chemical catalysts in china. its leading product lines cover fcc catalysts, hydrogenation catalysts, reforming catalysts, ethylene polymerization catalysts, propylene polymerization catalysts, basic raw organic material catalysts, and oil refining and chemical additive, sorbent etc.

i  catalytic cracking catalyst

  1  residue cracking catalyst

    strong heavy oil cracking ability, high cracking activity, good coke selectivity, strong anti-heavy metal pollution ability, wide application range etc.

    (1)  orbit series

    (2)  zc series

    (3)  dvr series

    (4)  cc-15 series

    (5)  chz-4

    (6)  chn-1

    (7)  chv series

    (8)  docp docr

  2  maximum diesel catalyst

     good hydrothermal stability, strong anti-heavy metal pollution ability, high activity preserve ability, good mechanical strength, strong heavy oil cracking ability etc., has obvious effect on improving the diesel/gasoline ratio.

    (1)  mlc-500 series

    (2)  cc-20d series

    (3)  cc-200d

  3  catalyst for high gasoline yield

    strong heavy oil cracking ability, strong anti-heavy metal pollution ability, high gasoline yield, good coke selectivity.

  4  olefin-reducing catalyst

     good selectivity for hydrogen transfer activity and high cracking activity. good selectivity for hydrogen transfer activity can guarantee the olefin decrease effect in the gasoline, and higher cracking activity can improve the heavy oil cracking ability of the catalyst.

    (1)  gor-c grv-c

    (2)  cdc

    (3)  cor series

    (4)  doco

    (5)  gor-ii

    (6)  gor-iii

    (7)  rms-8

  5  special catalyst for mgd process

    (1)  rgd-1

    (2)  rgd-c

    (3)  dvr series

  6  special catalyst for argg process

    applicable for processing raw oil with high residue ratio, such as atmospheric residual oil, atmospheric residue with high vacuum residue blending ratio, vacuum residue or deasphalted oil etc. this catalyst has strong heavy oil transformation ability and good anti-heavy metal pollution ability.

    (1)  rag series

  7  special catalyst for dcc process

    high activity, strong heavy oil transformation ability, good gas olefin selectivity, high strength etc., belongs to world advanced level.

    (1)  mmc-2 cip-2

    (2)  dmmc-1 for propylene-increasing catalytic cracking catalyst

  8  special catalyst for cpp process


  9  special catalyst for mip process

    (1)  cr022

    (2)  crmi-2

  10  special catalyst for mip-cgp process

    excellent coke selectivity, excellent propylene selectivity, can greatly reduce the olefin content in the gasoline, has good sulfur reduction effect, strong heavy oil cracking and anti-metal pollution ability.

    (1)  cgpseries

ii  catalytic cracking additive

  1  catalytic cracking desulphurization additive


  2  catalytic cracking propylene-increasing additive

    (1)  mp051 for catalytic cracking propylene-increasing additive ii

    (2)  mp031

    (3)  chpa

  3  catalytic cracking gas-increasing additive


iii  catalytic reforming catalyst

  1  semi-regeneration reforming catalyst

    including cb series and prt series, the domestic and overseas users for cb series catalyst is over 60 sets/time. prt has high carrier purity, proper pore distribution, good strength, strong chlorine-keeping ability etc., the catalyst activity, selectivity and stability all reach the world advanced level in the current products of the same type, and over 10 sets of devices have used the catalyst of this series.

    (1)  cbseries

    (2)  prtseries

  2  continuous reforming catalyst

    good selectivity, high c5 product yield, high aromatic yield and hydrogen yield, low catalyst carbon deposit velocity and good hydrothermal stability, chlorine-carrying ability and excellent mechanical performance. applicable for the reforming process of using straight naphtha distillation, adding hydrogen to crack heavy naphtha, pagas and coker gasoline, fcc gasoline, condensate oil etc. to produce the high octane value gasoline, aromatic and hydrogen.

    (1)  gcr series

    (2)  rcseries

iv  hydroprocessing catalyst

  1  hydrorefining catalyst

    the active component is tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, and cobalt, has high hydrodenitrogenation (hdn), hydrodesulfurization (hds) and hydrodearomatization (hda) activity and high mechanical strength, low pressure drop in fluidized bed, and well applicable for various raw materials.

    (1)  rn series

    (2)  ff-14 for fcc feed pre-hydrotreating catalyst

    (3)  ff-18 for fcc feed pre-hydrotreating catalyst

    (4)   ff-16 for heavy vacuum oil hydrorefining catalyst

    (5)   ff-20 for hydrorefining catalyst

    (6)  ff-26 for heavy vacuum oil hydrorefining catalyst

    (7)  ff-36 for hydrocracking pre-treating catalyst

    (8)  fh-40a for light fraction hydrorefining catatlyst

    (9)  fh-40a for high-sulfur light fraction hydrorefining catalyst

    (10)  fh-40c for high-sulfur light fraction hydrorefining catalyst

    (11)  fh-98 for gasoline & diesel oil hydrorefining catalyst

  2  hydroprocessing catalyst for clean gasoline

    (1)  rsds series for catalytic cracking gasoline selective hydrodesulpherization

    (2)  ridos series for catalytic cracking gasoline hydro-isomerization desulphurization & olefin-reduction

    (3)  gasoline selective hydrodesulphurization catalyst fgh-20/fgh-11

  3  hydroprocessing catalyst for clean diesel

    (1)  rs-1000 catalyst for diesel ultra deep desulphurization

    (2)  ric series for inferior diesel deep hydrotreationg catalyst

    (3)   fh-uds catalyst for diesel deep hydrodesulphurization

  4  aviation kerosene hydroprocessing catalyst


  5  lube hydroprocessing catalyst

    has the balance of good hydrotreating ability and acid cracking ability, can effectively improve the viscosity-temperature function of lube oil fraction, improve the viscosity index of lube oil fraction, and widely applicable for the lube oil fraction of different crude oil.



  6    paraffin hydroprocessing catalyst

    (1)  rjw series

    (2)  fv-1

    (3)  fv-10

  7    diene selective hydroprocessing catalyst


  8  white oil hydroprocessing catalyst


  9  hydrodewaxing catalyst

    (1)  fiw-1

    (2)  fdw-3

  10  solvent naphtha hydrorefining catalyst


  11  hydrocracking catalyst

    middle pressure hydrocracking catalyst: mainly used in middle pressure hydrocracking process, besides certain hydrodesulfurization, denitrogenation and aromatic saturation ability, it also has good cracking selection and anti-nitrogen stability.

    high pressure hydrocracking catalyst: the high performance catalyst applicable for high pressure hydrocracking process developed for satisfying the demand of increasing yield of intermediate distillate oil, has been successfully applied in many sets of domestic hydrocracking devices, and won wide praise.

    (1)  rt series

    (2)  rhc series

    (3)  fc series

    (4)  3976 for high anti-nitrogen & activity hydrocracking catalyst

    (5)  3974 for high & moderate vacuum oil hydrocracking catalyst

polyolefin catalyst

i  pe catalyst

   mainly including series scg, series slc, series bcs, series bch, series nt, with high catalyst activity, sensible hydrogen adjustment, good copolymerization performance, and the produced polymer has good granule shape, high apparent density, narrow grain diameter arrangement, and few fine powder. the catalyst is widely applied in unipol and innovene gas phase polyethylene process, north europe process, mitsui slurry polymerization process, which can satisfy the demands of different users.

  1  bcg series

  2  scg-1 series

  3  scg-3/4/5 series

  4  slc-b

  5  slc-g

  6  slc-s

  7  slc-iseries

  8  bcs01

  9  bch

  10  nt-1

ii  pp catalyst

  1  n series

  2  na

  3  ng

  4  ys-842

  5  hdc

  6  dq series

basic organic material catalyst

1  catalyst for toluene disproportionaition and transalkylation

2  viniyl acetate catalyst

3  acrylonitrile catalyst

4  pd/c catalyst hrdropurification of terephthalic acid

5  silver catalyst for eo/eg

6  benzene and ethylene liquid phase alkylating catalyst

7  ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst

8  px sorbent

other catalysts

noncrystalline alloy hydrofining catalyst, special molecular sieve catalyst, adhesive-free 5a small ball molecular sieve, c5/c6 isomerization catalyst, s-zorb catalyst to decrease the sulfur content in the gasoline. plastic additive.

1  non-crystal alloy hydrorefining catalyst

2  special molecular sieve catalyst

3  adhesive-free5a small spherical absorbent molecular sieve

4  c5/c6 isomerization catalyst

5  high-temperature de-sulphurization catalyst

6  de-chlorination catalyst

7  catalyst for liquid-phase selective hydrogenation of propyne and propadiene in c3 fractions

8  catalyst for gas-phase selective hydrogenation of acetylene in c2 fractions

9  catalyst for selective hydrogenation of acetylene and mapd in front-end process

10  catalyst for maleic anhydride production from oxidation of benzene

11  catalyst for phthalic anhydride production from oxidation of o-xylene

12  plastic additive