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fuel card
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fuel card

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95105988 ;95105888

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as an integrated energy and chemical company with the largest sales revenues in china, sinopec manages to improve its service quality through it technology and scores new progress in providing high quality services to the customers. the company is the trendsetter in fuels consumption by using fuel cards.

trendsetting with four special features

the most distinct features of the fuel card are 'filling ease, rewarding programs, wide acceptance, and purchase control', which have become an attractive new consumption mode.

filling ease

once the card is inserted, the user's name and account balance will be displayed. filling is managed by the computer and automatically charged, saving cash transaction trouble and shortening time at the pump. in addition, the card is small, easy to carry and could be cancelled when lost.

rewarding programs

the company has developed various programs to reward its fuel card users. through the rewarding programs, users could exchange their points accumulated in filling for gifts and lucky draw prizes, and are entitled to many more value-added services.

wide acceptance

service stations accepting sinopec corp.'s fuel card could be found in the cities and along the highways across china. users could conveniently fill at any of these sinopec stations.

purchase control

sinopec corp. could also help its business clients precisely manage fuels consumption by their fleet. for instance, a client with more than two vehicles could apply for one master card and several affiliate cards. the master card oversees the affiliate cards, limiting filling volume, enquiring detailed transaction information of each affiliate card and obtaining monthly account bills. the use of fuel cards could also be constrained to specific vehicle plate number, fuel type, filling stations and regions, number of daily transactions, etc, enabling the clients to manage the card use by their fleet.

carefully designed network and total service

the fuel card system is a key project in sinopec corp’s endeavor to enhance marketing, services and competitiveness with the aid of new and advanced technologies. the company has unified its service call number (95105888/95105988). users across china could reach their local service center and enquire by dialing the number.

rewarding in fuel

on 8th july 2005, sinopec corp. launched the 'rewarding in fuel' campaign in beijing to reward its customers holding sinopec corp. fuel cards. the sixth 'rewarding in fuel' program was launched on 1th may 2011, in which card users could exchange gifts with less points accumulated. for more updated information, please visit our website: www.saclub.com.cn or dial 95105888/95105988 and press 7 for inquiry.

local rescue service

from august 2008, sinopec rolls out a local rescue service to customers holding sinopec fueling cards. all those registered with this service are eligible to acquire rescue services when encountering non-accident emergencies like lack of water, electricity and gasoline, flat tyres by dialing the 24-hour recue hotline. sinopec’s rescue team will be at your service as soon as possible and carry out rescue efforts free of charge.

with the continuous increase in card sales and consumption using the card, sinopec will continue build its brand by providing high-quality service to its customers including high-quality oil products, standardized service and extended value-added service. we believe diversified and individually customized services will bring more customer loyalty.