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oil refining



fcc technology

deep catalytic cracking technology(dcc)

a fcc technology for maximizing iso-paraffin(mip)

a fcc technology for producing clean gasoline and more propylene(cgp)

feed of paraffinic vacuum residue fcc technology(vrfcc)

catalytic cracking technology for maximum liquefied gas and high-octane gasoline(mgg argg)

maximizing iso-olefins catalytic cracking technology(mio)

maximizing gas and diesel fcc technology(mgd)

flexible dual-riser fluid catalytic cracking process fdfcc-iii

hydrocracking technology

high pressure hydrocracking technology

single-stage hydrocracking technology(shc)

single-stage in series hydrocracking technology( fmd1 )

two-stage hydrocracking technology for maximum production of middle distillates(fmd2)

single-stage, double-catalysts hydrocracking technology for producing more middle distillates (fdc)

hydrocracking technology for maximum production fo catalytic reforming feed (fmn)

single-stage in series and once-through hydrocracking technology for producing more chemical feeds (fmc1)

two-stage hydrocracking technology for producing more chemical feeds (fmc2)

hydrocracking technology for flexibly producing middle-distillates and petrochemical materials (fhc)

medium pressure hydrocracking technology(rmc)

hydrotreating technology

high space velocity reformer feed hydrofining technology

selective hydrodesulfurization of fcc gasoline(rsds-ii,oct—m)

coker naphtha hydrotreating technology

mercaptans removal technology from jet fuel in hydrogen atmosphere (rhss)

ultra deep hydrodesulfurization technology for diesel (uds)

technology for maximally improving fcc diesel cetane number(rich)

inferior diesel hydro-upgrading technology

diesel hydroupgrading-isodewaxing technology

medium-pressure hydro-upgrading technology (mhug)

full range coker distillate hydrotreating technology

fcc feed pretreating technology(rvht)

technology for fix-bed residue hydrotreating(s-rht)

lube medium pressure hydrotreating technology

wax selective isomerization technology for hydrocracking tail oli

isodewxing technology

white oil hydrotreating technology

sulfur removal technology

s zorbtm sulfur removal technology

catalytic reforming technology

low- pressure combined bed reformer,supper low-pressure ccr

thermal convertion technology

delayed coking technology