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diesel engine oil
  • sinopec diesel passenger car engine oil is especially developed for diesel engines of volkswagen equipped with turbochargers and electrically controlled high pressure pump nozzles,which is suitable for engines requiring oils meeting europe acea a3/b3 standard and lower, for lubrication of diesel engine cars such as audi, passat, jetta and so on

  • sinopec ch-4 diesel engine oils keep engine running reliably through a combination of high quality base stocks of high viscosity index with premium additive system. they are specially designed for heavy-duty diesel engines, and provide exceptional performances in terms of soot control, engine cleanliness and wear protection. sinopec ch-4 diesel engine oils exceed api ch-4 specification and meet some major oem's requirements, such as cummins ces20071/ ces200076, volvo vds2 and mercedes benz mb 228.3 etc..

  • sinopec cf-2 two stroke diesel engine oil formulated from highly refined base stocks and premium additive system, provide good performances for 2-stroke diesel engines.

  • sinopec cj-4 diesel engine oil provides effective protection for environmental friendly diesel engines with egr or dpf.it's also suitable for high speed four stroke diesel engines adopting other new technologies and meeting euro iii, iv emission standards.