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gasoline engine oil
  • sinopec sm gasoline engine oil is made from synthetic base stocks and mineral oils of super high viscosity index and multifunctional additives. it's excellent quality can meet the requirements of the new type passenger cars and racing cars.

  • sinopec sl gasoline engine oil is specifically formulated to offer complete engine protection against starting friction, heat stress and engine deposits. it is a series of high quality, shear-stable, multigrade engine oil for use in a wide range of passenger car and light-duty commercial vehicle engines where api sl performance lubricants are required. the oil will help extend engine life by reducing engine wear, maintain high power and performance, reduce oil consumption and ultimately save maintenance costs.

  • sinopec sm/cf 0w-50 fully synthetic engine oil is made from fully synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks and superior multifunctional additives. it can meet the requirements of the vehicles of oems, the military and civil fleets under severe working conditions.