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natural gas
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general information of the pipeline network and sales of sinopec gas company

 natural gas

sinopec gas company owns a widely-distributed gas pipeline network and its total length is 4,546 km.

firstly, the sichuan-eastern china natural gas transmission pipeline passes through eight provinces including sichuan, chongqing, jiangxi, hubei, anhui, jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai;the length is 2,246 km.

secondly, yulin-jinan natural gas transmission pipeline passes through four provinces including shaanxi, shanxi, henan and shandong; the length is 970 km.

thirdly, shandong provincial pipeline network includes eigth gas transmission pipelines shown as follows: sinopec zhongyuan oil field-jinan, jinan-qingdao, qufu-jinan, anping-jinan, laizhou-pingdu-jiaozhou, jiaozhou-rizhao natural gas pipelines, and the pipeline specifically constructed for sinopec qingdao refinery company; the overall length is 1,317 km.

fourthly, hengqin gas pipeline in zhuhai is of 13 km length and its target market is mauca special administrative region.

furthermore, sinopec qingdao liquified natural gas (lng) project has been approved by the ndrc. a maganificant foundation-laying ceremony for this project was successfully held on september 10th, 2010.

zhongyuan wen-96# gas storage project is currently under construction and is expected to be qualified for storing gas in june, 2011. at present, experiments for building jianghan salt cavern gas storage are conducted by sinopec gas company.

since its establishment in 2005, sinopec gas company has made great efforts in pursuit of fulfilling its social obligations and providing its clients with high-quality products and services. the company not only places the safety and security of supplying natural gas as its first duty to the public, but also sets its core goal as satisfying the demands of customers. each client has an appointed sales manager from sinopec gas company, thus channels for mutual communication are ensured to be effective and possible problems are always addressed through coordination. this has been highly appraised by th clients. current market of the company is widely distributed in fifteen provinces (and macau sar) of china. in 2010, the company provided its clients with natural gas of 5.65 billion cubic meters.